Why USA Independent Brokers Realty FAQ’S

Our exclusive program was developed with the simple idea of offering traditional services with lower commissions. In today’s market you basically have 5 choices in selling your home:

1. FSBO – “going it alone”
2. FSBO Web Sites – Paying upfront fees to “go it alone” with other FSBO’s
3. Listing with a Discount Broker and receiving discounted services.
4. Listing with a “Full Price” Traditional Broker and charging typically 7%
5. Why USA Independent Broker – The Best of All Worlds.

Why USA Independent Brokers Realty FAQ’S

FSBOFSBO Web SitesDiscount BrokersTraditional BrokersWhy USA
Upfront fees to initially list property for saleYesYesMaybeNoNo
On going fees to sell such as advertising, for sale and directional signs, flyers, web expenses, Etc.YesYesMaybeNoNo
Lock Box fees to make showings convenient for buyers and sellersN/AYesNoNoNo
MLS Cost for exposure to realtor’s buyersN/AYesNoNoNo
Low commission to net the most money and saveYesYesYesNoYes
Realtor Market Analysis to correctly price propertyNoNoYesYesYes
Pre-qualify all buyers to insure sale will closeNoNoYesYesYes
Expertise on financing and completing proper paper work to comply w/federal and state lawNoNoMaybeMaybeYes
1-800 marketing program-24 hour lead capture systemNoNoNoMaybeYes
Large nationwide referral network   of realtor to realtor contactNoNoMaybeYesYes
Support and consultation from an experienced realtor on how to expose and sell the propertyNoNoMaybeMaybeYes
Performance guarantee – we will cancel the listing if we don’t perform in a reasonable time.NoNoMaybeMaybeYes
Negotiating help to get the best price and termsNoNoMaybeMaybeYes
Freedom to work and play without missing a prospective buyer showingNoNoYesYesYes
Fee to expose listings on Realtor.comN/AYesNoNoNo


Lilian Looper said...

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