Buying With Why USA

Buying With WHY USA

The process of buying your home can be very simple or very complex.  The key is to have a professional, experienced Realtor helping you through the entire process.

From day one we are focused on providing you the service and support you demand.  We start by listening to your needs and desires for your next home; then we search our database and MLS.  We ask the right questions that will bring you closer to your perfect property, and then show you as many homes as needed.  Our goal is to find you the right property and then negotiate with the seller to bring you the best price and terms possible.  We specialize in communicating and educating you through the process to closing and always insure that your best interest is our highest priority.  You will never wonder what comes next or be surprised by any problems.  We have many years of experience selling real estate locally so we know what it takes to get the job done that will exceed your highest expectations!

The question we receive most from our buyers is “what will it cost to use WHY USA Independent Brokers to represent me?”

The answer is zero! We receive a standard commission from the sellers,  so our service to all our buyers is free.  We have the advantage of independence so we are not moved one way or the other in our dealings.  Our only concern is finding you the right property and providing the greatest buying experience for you.

WHY USA Independent Brokers does not enter dual agency arrangements as many other companies do. This means we work exclusively for you as your buyer agent and can give you 100% representation. Every thing we do will be on your behalf. Dual agents who also work for the seller as the listing agent cannot tell you everything because they represent both the seller and buyer and have to be careful regarding what advice they give you.

Another advantage of working with a WHY USA Independent Brokers agent is that we do not charge an administrative fee as many companies do to sell you a home.

We work with many mortgage companies that can pre-approve you for a loan.

If you would like help finding a home we can e-mail new listings or mail this information to you. Know that all your information will be kept confidential and will never be shared with anyone. We work with all REALTORS in the MLS and also with all builders of new construction.

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