Selling With Why USA

Selling With WHY USA

The traditional Real Estate Brokerage will charge sellers up to 7% to market and sell their home.  We give you all the services and support they do; we just don’t charge the high commissions.

The traditional discount company will charge a smaller commission but in most cases the services and exposure are also discounted!

Now you have an alternative! Our exclusive Why USA program offers sellers the exposure, services and support of a traditional Real Estate Brokerage with the advantage of lower commissions!

Before you pay a 7% commission, or even $2,500 call us to find out how you can save your equity, gain exposure through the MLS, and have a quality realtor network plus aggressive advertising.  You will feel secure in knowing that you are supported by an Experienced Local Real Estate Brokerage!

Do not be fooled by a Bank, Lawyer, or a Mortgage Co. trying to sell real estate.  We offer one of the most favorable commission programs in the metro area. We have been in business locally since 1994 and have saved thousands of dollars for sellers with our program.  We can get results for you and your family today!

We offer discount commissions on all of our listings while never compromising the quality of our services. We offer an even lower commission rate if the buyer is procured by either the home owner or the listing agent. We do not discuss specific rates on the telephone but will structure a commission plan that works best for you, based upon your particular situation, the condition of the property and the probable selling price. No one can save you money like we can. Saving money is important, but our experience, combined with our discount commissions is invaluable!

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robert yarn said...

Very nice and helpful information has been given in this article for those who want to buy some property at Low real estate commission. I like the way you explain the things. Keep posting. Thanks..