Selling With Why USA

Selling With WHY USA

Let's discuss some of the marketing techniques used to sell your home!

We use a professional photographer to take pictures of the interior/exterior of your home.
When buyers go to various websites to look up homes for sale, your property will stand out compared to the other listings for sale. Your home will be featured on over 50 popular websites that buyers go to such as zillow, trulia,,, and all other Realtor websites. We guarantee no one will give you more exposure in the market than we will. We also provide a sign in the yard with a flyer box stating the asking price, with photos. Directional signs are provided as well. Many companies have abandoned these additional marketing tools. We believe in covering all of the bases to sell your home for the best price in the quickest manner possible. 

How our commission program works:

When we list your property you may show it, or a listing agent may show it, and the other realtors in the MLS may also show your property. We all do this until the right buyer comes along with an offer that you as the seller approve of that gives you the best price and terms that you want. Once an offer is accepted, the listing agent monitors all of the details until the home sale is closed.

Option 1: When you find the buyer we charge 1.95% of the purchase price. This is the total commission you are charged.

Option 2: We have listed the property, and either the listing agent or another agent in the MLS provides the buyer for your property. This is the option that is typical with the other MLS companies where they charge about 7% to list your property. Also, several companies charge an administrative fee that ranges from about $350-550 in addition to the 7% they are charging. Under both of our options we never charge an administrative fee whether you are a seller or a buyer. Under option 2, we will negotiate a lower fee than 7% based on the condition of your property and the probable selling price. We pay the cooperating realtor their normal fee even though we do not charge the seller 7% - we just take less as the listing company. No one can save you money like we can. Saving money is important but our exposure combined with our lower seller fee is invaluable.

How our $990 program works:

When a seller already has a potential buyer prospect for their home but needs our help to make sure the sale is properly and professionally coordinated and all of the rules related to the state and federal laws are observed, we do this for a $990 flat fee regardless of the sale price.

We help to make sure the buyer is pre-approved and both buyer and seller understand the process to get to the closing. Good faith estimates are provided to both parties and we monitor everything until the closing date. If no closing occurs, no fee is charged.

We have been doing this for over 20 years and have great expertise at making sure the sale occurs in a smooth and stress-free manner.

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